All ESPFA is made to order.

Pre-orders are for purchases between Tuesday 26th July 2022 and Thursday 25th August 2022.

Student kit bundles purchased as pre-orders during this time period will be eligible to receive a FULL REFUND from AFB Kits ONLY if the education providers do not accept your grades to enrol on the programme.

This can be refunded ONLY if we are informed of your grades by 9pm on Friday 26th August 2022 via our email, though hopefully that refund will not have to take place. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund after the deadline as your order will be processed (Orders are processed from 6am on Saturday 27th August 2022.)

If you purchase between the above dates the delivery will be via courier to you home address and will be delivered within 14 working days from Friday 26th August 2022 (15 working days = anytime up to Friday 16th September 2022)

Orders purchased after Friday 26th August 2022 will be delivered within 20 working days.

If there is any delay in delivery or items from JOMA our supplier, we will inform you personally immediately, however early ordering will reduce this potential delay.