Thanks for purchasing your sporting attire from AFB Kits.

As your kit will be used frequently, we would like to recommend to you how to wash and dry all items in order for them to be in great condition throughout the year.

AFB Kits rigorously test the washing and drying procedures following the printing of the personalisation. The following instructions have been tested over 30 times and if adhered to will protect the longevity of the kit.


Please wash your garments INSIDE OUT no more than 30°c or a sports wash (Regardless of the washing instructions of the garment) to ensure the longevity of the personalisation (i.e logo badge)


DO NOT tumble dry. The garments are not suitable to be tumble dried at high heat.

Please HANG DRY all of your garments. All items will dry quickly over 8 hours (i.e overnight)


 AFB Kits do not take any responsibility for damage to garments or custom printing if the above instructions/guidance is not adhered to.